Suga Babes
Suga Architects

We are 2 Sisters Running a Sweet Bizness!

We are two sisters and the proud creators of Suga Babes! We had an idea. We told our mom. Our mom made our idea a reality! We are in bizness!

Like most little girls we love bath and body products. We love sugar scrubs, lotions and great smelling soaps. We would use our moms scrubs and lotions and she would always tell us to "stay out of my stuff!" So, we thought well let's make our own stuff and we did, this was the beginning of Suga Babes! We created products with our friends in mind!  We created an all natural bath and body product line where we used only premium ingredients. We created: sugar scrubs, body creams, soaps, and bath teas. 

Just for a short period we will no longer sell our products online. We are in the process of re-branding! Our business is growing and our creative juices are flowing.

So now, you are probably asking, "are you still in business?" Yes, we are! Not only did we create a fantastic product line we started a mobile spa service! Yep, you read correct! Mobile Spa Parties for girls! Now how fun is that?  The best part about our parties is that we come to you and bring everything with us. 

Suga Babes is a dream come true! Our mom has helped us to bring our ideas to reality! Suga Babes not only provide exceptional services to our clients we also provide a message of inspiration and motivation!  You are never to young to start living your dream! We are a perfect example of what it means to step out on faith and believe that you can do anything! If God gives you the vision He will make the provisions!

There are no limits and no boundaries to where you can go in life when we put God first! Look at us, just one idea has turned into something SPECTACULAR!